Wednesday, March 18, 2009

communication conflicts at your workplace

To avoid communication conflicts at your workplace we advise:

• Listen First. Be calm and listen respectfully to what is being said.

• Acknowledge Opposing Communication. You can acknowledge in one of two ways: sincerity or empathy. But mean it when you do: "I can understand how you feel that way" is much better than "Oh, yeah?"

• Disagree, But Respectfully. State your reasons based on the facts.

• Keep Your Emotions in Check. Don't fly off the handle. Once you do, you've lost nearly all your influence. Apologizing later won't cut it.

• Never Get Personal. In business, it is best to keep personal intent out of the conversation unless it is specifically germane to the subject at hand.

• Know When to End the Conversation. It is best to have a plan--even for a short meeting--that clearly identifies your objectives. Stick to it and then end the conversation. Time's a wasting.

• Humor Helps. You don't have to be the heavy to be a leader.

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