Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stress Management

A lecturer was giving a lecture to his student on stress management. He raised a glass of water and asked the audience, “How heavy do you think this glass of water is?”

The students’ answers ranged from 20g to 500gm.

It does not matter on the absolute weight. It depends on how long you hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it is OK. If I hold it for an hour, I will have an ache in my right arm. If I hold it for a day, you will have to call an ambulance.

It is the exact same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, we will not be able to carry on, the burden becoming increasingly heavier.

What you have to do is to put the glass down, rest for a while before holding it up again. We have to put down the burden periodically, so that we can be refreshed and are ! able to carry on.

So before you return home from work tonight, put the burden of work down. Don’t carry it back home. You can pick it up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you are having now on your shoulders, let it down for a moment if you can. Pick it up again later when you have rested.

Nowadays most of the people made himself to stress by annoying about the office works, even in home. When left from the office, just left the office worries in the office itself and be refresh before entering into home.

Rest and relax. Life is short, enjoy it!! Cheers!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Withdraw cash from any ATM for free!

No, it's not an April Fool's joke. Beginning April 1, you can withdraw cash from any ATM, irrespective of who you bank with, free of cost. Considering that, these days, every rupee counts, this is definitely something to cheer about.

The banks, however, will have the freedom to fix charges for withdrawal of cash from ATMs through credit cards and from ATMs abroad.

The guidelines on free ATM use, which were released by the Reserve Bank of India in March last year, were issued in pursuance of the approach paper on ATM charges brought out by RBI in December 2007. It also included abolishing the fee on cash withdrawal from ATMs from April 1, 2009.

During the intervening period, the banks have been allowed to charge a maximum ATM cash withdrawal fee of Rs 20, irrespective of the amount withdrawn.

'The charge of Rs 20... will be all inclusive and no other charges will be levied to the customers under any other head irrespective of the amount of withdrawal,' the apex bank said in a communication to all banks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The truth about cash-back credit cards

With increase in the competitiveness between different banks for credit card services, card companies offer a host of additional benefits such as rewards programmes, 'lifetime-free' services and cash-back offers increasingly nowadays to engage the brand awareness of the consumer consistently.

The hidden agenda behind each of these offerings is that the banks and financial institutions want the users to spend more. Spending is good as long as it is within predefined limits. This is within the user's control and must be exercised in order to reap the benefits of such offers and yet not become addicted to spending excessively.

Let's take a look at the features of one particular offering which has generated quite a following in recent times -- 'cash-back' offers, which are often promotional schemes for limited periods that are run periodically by all the credit card companies.

What are cash-back credit cards?

When accepting payment by credit cards, merchants typically pay a percentage of the transaction amount in commission to their bank or merchant services provider. Many credit card issuers share the commission with the cardholder by giving the card holder points, air miles or a monetary amount.

A cash-back offer is specifically for providing the card holder a small monetary amount as a reward for using the card.

Which transactions are included in cash-back offers?

Cash-back offers are valid on almost all kinds of expenditures or purchases done through the credit card. That is, besides spends on shopping and eating out, even balance transfers and bill payments are eligible.

How much money is returned through the cash-back offer?

Where a card issuer operates such a cash-back scheme, card holders typically receive between 0.5 per cent and 2 per cent of their net expenditure (purchases minus refunds) as an annual rebate, which is either credited to the credit card account or paid to the card holder separately, for example by cheque.

Cash-back percentage ranges around 2 per cent - 5 per cent for different cards and in some promotional schemes may even go up to 10 per cent exclusive to customers with a good credit profile.

What are the things to keep in mind while using cash-back cards?

There are some things that you should always keep in mind when you opt to avail such cash-back offers.

Where you are spending

The credit card cannot be used at any establishment that you choose. There will be a list of shops, stores, restaurants etc. that will fall into the category of cash-back transactions. If you spend at the establishments mentioned in this list you can avail cash-back, else you do not receive any reward.

The list of approved establishments is available on the credit card issuer's website or else can be asked for from the customer service department.

To ensure that you do receive cash-back, always ensure that you are spending at an establishment mentioned in the list of the bank's approved merchants.

Minimum cash spent

Normally, cash-back is offered only when the credit card holder spends a minimum amount on it. This could range anywhere between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2500. So if you spend only Rs. 500 on the card, chances are very slim that you would be able to get any cash-back on that transaction.

Amount of cash-back

Normally, banks place a cap on the maximum amount of cash-back that it offers. It is important to check this because even if you have spent more doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get a cash-back amount as per that transaction.

For example, if the bank's says that there would be a 10 per cent cash-back offer on all purchases, they would normally cap the maximum cash-back amount at Rs 1,000. So even if you spent Rs 40,000 and expected a cash-back of Rs 4,000, you are still going to get only Rs 1,000.

Other hidden requirements

Check for other requirements such as:

Whether the card falls under the offer category
Whether registration is required for earning cash-back
Should one apply for a new card meant only for cash-back
The period during which the offer is valid
Does the offer apply at outlets having point-of-sale terminals, or should the purchases be made only where the card-issuing bank has installed such terminals?
The products categories, which are eligible for the offer
Should cash-back be collected at bank branches, redeem them at the POS outlets, or will the amount get credited automatically in the card-holder's savings account

Using a cash-back card can be very good indeed, provided that you use the card smartly within its limitations.

As mentioned before, it is important to confirm the minimum amount to be spent to be eligible for cash-back and the maximum amount you can receive as cash-back, because if the delicate balance between the two is not struck correctly, you may be over-spending which can lead to interest charges.

These things can completely overshadow the benefits of a cash-back card.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stupid Vs Silly

What is the difference between stupid and silly?

In dictionary stupid means silly, Is both is same?

Thanks in Advance

The People's Car from TATA Motors

We all know this fact that Tata Nano has become a big brand in car market across the world even before its launch. We can easily find millions of people eagerly waiting to buy this car. Tata is also expecting same initial booking for Tata Nano because this booking can provide financial boast to financially troubled Tata Motors.

Presently, Tata Nano will be available for booking through selective chain of Tata Nano Dealers (which are different from existing dealers of other Tata brands) who will start booking Tata Nano from first or second week of April. People can easily learn about all these Tata Nano dealers by visiting nearest Tata dealers in Markets because large numbers of these dealers have also got dealership licences for Tata Nano.

Second, Tata is also actively considering booking Tata Nano through the retail branches of State bank of India (SBI), as SBI has branches even in deep interiors of India and Tata Nano is likely to sell more in interiors. Within next two or three months, we can see launch of this service by SBI and Tata Motors. SBI is also providing loans for Tata Nano customers. Third option available with Tata Motors is to book Tata Nano online because of high demand of Tata Nano online.

In this regards, Tata has said in its blog that they are actively considering this option and people can find one such option by the end of this year. The major problem with Tata Motors is that they do not enough numbers of Tata Nano to sell because of non completion of their Tata Nano plant in Gujarat; therefore, Tata can only book limited numbers of Nanos. Despite this we can hope that Tata will soon come up with new ways of Tata Nano booking like online booking for the help of all Tata Nano lovers.

Latest updates- Tata has announced today that Tata Nano will also be available for online booking through People can find this option of online booking soon.
People will also be able to download form for buying Tata Nano through the

People will also be able to book this car through Nano 1300 retail centres available across 850 cities.
Tata Nano booking forms will also be available at selective State Bank of India branches.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

communication conflicts at your workplace

To avoid communication conflicts at your workplace we advise:

• Listen First. Be calm and listen respectfully to what is being said.

• Acknowledge Opposing Communication. You can acknowledge in one of two ways: sincerity or empathy. But mean it when you do: "I can understand how you feel that way" is much better than "Oh, yeah?"

• Disagree, But Respectfully. State your reasons based on the facts.

• Keep Your Emotions in Check. Don't fly off the handle. Once you do, you've lost nearly all your influence. Apologizing later won't cut it.

• Never Get Personal. In business, it is best to keep personal intent out of the conversation unless it is specifically germane to the subject at hand.

• Know When to End the Conversation. It is best to have a plan--even for a short meeting--that clearly identifies your objectives. Stick to it and then end the conversation. Time's a wasting.

• Humor Helps. You don't have to be the heavy to be a leader.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Basics of a personal loan

Personal loans are the one of the most widely chosen options, in case you are in a spot and need some urgent cash. However, personal loans are tricky and you need to know as much as possible about their basics before applying for one. Let's start with some common questions.

What is a personal loan?

Personal loan is credit that is granted to the borrower for personal use. These loans are usually unsecured (no security or collateral required/asked) and is based solely on the borrower's integrity and ability to pay.

Who is eligible for a personal loan?

The eligibility criteria and their specific details may differ from banks to bank based on their perception of the risks associated with given out personal loans. However, nearly all banks divide the potential borrowers into three categories:

  • Salaried individuals
  • Self employed individuals
  • Self employed professionals

Other factors which are taken into consideration are, age, residence, work experience, repayment capacity, past obligations and place of work.

What kinds of interest rates are offered on personal loans?

Personal loans are offered in:

  • Fixed rate
  • Floating rate
  • Flat rate

Of the three, flat rates turn out to be the most expensive since the other two are calculated on a reducing balance basis.

What is the average interest rate for personal loans?

The interest rate for a personal loan is decided on the basis of your credit repayment capability and history. Depending on this, interest rates could be anywhere between 14% and 25%, depending on the financial institution.

What documents are required for personal loans?

Personal loans require the least number of documents, making it the fastest to be approved. Typically, financial institutions would require proof of identity, residence, income and also 3 to 6 months of your bank statements. Some banks also require guarantors and the same set of their documents.

How is a personal loan repaid? Is prepayment of a loan possible?

Normally, personal loans are offered between 1 to 5 years. The loan is repaid with Equal Monthly Instalments (EMIs). Prepayment is possible but will generally carry a significant prepayment charge.

How is a personal loan different from credit card cash advances and loan against property?

These are some basics that you should know when obtaining a personal loan. These days, securing a loan is easy. Repayment is the tough bit. When you don't repay on time, the recovery agent may come knocking at your door.

When getting a personal loan it is important to ask yourself 'Will I be able to pay it off?' Some things which can help you pay back your personal loans are:

Pay off your credit cards: Try to pay off your credit cards as soon as possible, since credit card debts inadvertently hamper loan payments.

Budget your spending: Once you have taken a loan, ensure that you budget your spending, so that if in any unforeseen circumstance you cannot make a monthly payment, your savings will help you out.

Personal loans if not utilized and repaid properly, can become a curse in disguise. Make your decisions prudently to ensure a safe financial future.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nice Story

Story as narrated by a girl
I have a boyfriend who grew up with me. His name is Jin. I always thought of him as a friend until last year, when we went to a trip from a club.
I found that I fell in love with him. Before that trip was over, I took a step and confessed my love for him. And soon, we became a pair of lovers, but we loved each other in different ways. I always concentrated on him only, but by his side, there were so many other girls. To me, he was the only one, but to him, maybe I was just another girl.

Jin, do you want to go watch a movie? I asked.
Jin "I can't"
Why? You need to study at home? I felt disappointment grabbing me.
No I am going to meet a friend
He was always like that.

He met girls in front of me, like it was nothing. To him, I was just a girlfriend. The word "love" only came out from my mouth. Since I knew him, I had never heard him say " I love you" before.

To us, there weren't any anniversaries at all.

He didn't say anything from the first day and it continued till 100 days,200 days. Everyday, before we say goodbye, he would just hand me a doll, everyday, without fail. I don't know why.
Then one day... Me Um, Jin, I...
Jin What? don't drag, just say..
Me I love you.
Jin, just take this doll and go home.

That was how he ignored my three words and handed me the doll.
Then he disappeared, like he was running away.
The dolls I received from him everyday, filled my room, one by one. There were many...

Then one day came, my 15th year old birthday. When I got up in the morning, I pictured a party with him, and stranded myself in my room, waiting for his call.

But ...lunch passed, dinner passed...and soon the sky was dark he still didn't call.

It was already tiring to look at the phone anymore.
Then around 2am in the morning, he suddenly called me and woke me from my sleep. He told me to come out of the house. Still, I felt joy and I ran out happily.

Me Jin...
Jin Here...take this...
Again, he handed me a little doll.
Me What's this?

Jin I didn't give it to you yesterday, so I am giving it to you now. I'm going home now, bye.
Me Wait, wait! Do you know what today is?

Jin Today? Huh?
I felt so sad, I thought he would remember my birthday. He turned around and walked away like nothing had happen. when I shouted..."Wait..."
Jin You have something to say?

Me Tell me, tell me you love me...
Jin What?!

Me Tell me
I put my pathetic self behind and clung on to him. But he just said simple cold words and left.

"I don't want to say that I love someone so easily, if you are desperate to hear it, then find someone else." That was what he said. Then he ran off.

My legs felt numb...and I collapsed to the ground. He didn't want to say it easily...How could he!.
I felt that... Maybe he is not the right guy for me...

After that day, I stranded myself at home crying, just crying. He didn't call me, although I was waiting. He just continued handing me a little doll every morning outside my house.

That's how those dolls piled up in my room... everyday

After a month, I got myself together and went to school. But what made the pain resurface was that... I saw him on a street...with another girl...

He had a smile on his face, one that he never showed he touched the doll... I ran straight back home and looked at the dolls in my room, and tears fell... Why did he gave these to me??

Those dolls are probably picked out by some other girls. In a fit of anger, I threw the dolls around.
Then suddenly, the phone rang. It was him. He told me to come out to the bus stop outside my house.
I tried to calm myself down and walked to the bus stop. I kept reminding myself that I am going to forget him, that it's going to end.

Then he came into my sight, holding a big doll.

Jin Jo, I thought you were pissed, you really came?

I couldn't help hating him, acting like nothing had happen and joking around. Soon, he held out the doll as usual
Me I don't need it.

Jin What?. why?

I grabbed the doll from his hands and threw it on the road.

Me I don't need this doll, I don't need it anymore!! I don't want to see a person like you again!
I spitted out all the words that were inside me. But unlike other days, his eyes very shaking.

"I'm sorry..." He apologized in a tiny voice. He then walked over to the road to pick up the doll...
Me You stupid! Why are you picking up the doll?! Just throw it away!!!

But he ignored me and just went to pick the doll.
Honk Honk

With a loud honk, a big truck was heading towards him.
"Jin! Move! Move away!" I shouted....
But he didn't hear me, he squatted down and picked up the doll.
"Jin, move!"
*Boom!* That sound, so terrifying.

That's how he went away from me.

That's how he went away without even opening his eyes to say one word to me. After that day, I had to go through everyday with guiltiness and the sadness of losing him.

And after spending two months like a crazy person

I took out the dolls. Those were the only gifts he left me since the day we started going out. I remembered the days I spent with him and started to count the days- when we were in love..

"One...two... three..."

That was how I started to count the dolls..."Four hundred and eighty four... four hundred and eighty five..."
It all ended with 485 dolls. I then started to cry again, with a doll in my arms.

I hugged it tightly, then suddenly...

" I love you, I love you"
I dropped the dolls, shocked.

I picked up the dolls and pressed its stomach."" I love you " I love you""
It can't be!

I pressed all the dolls' stomach as it piled on the side.

" I love you" " I love you" " I love you"

Those words came out non-stop. " I love you"

Why didn't I realize that???.

That his heart was always by my side, protecting me.

Why didn't I realize that he love me this much...
I took out the doll under the bed and pressed it's stomach, that was the last doll, the one that fell on the road. It had his blood stain on it.
The voice came out, the on that I was missing so much....

"Jo...Do you know what today is? We've been loving each other for 486 days. Do you know what 486 is?

I couldn't say I love you..... Um... since I was too shy. If you forgive me and take this doll, I will say that I love you.. Everyday...till I die.. Jo... I love you!"

The tears came flowing out of me. Why? Why? I asked god, why do I only know about all this now?
He can't be by my side, but he loved me until his last minute.

For that.. and for that reason... to me..... it became courage... to live a beautiful life...
It's better to lose your pride with someone you love rather .........

10+ lesser-known shortcuts for formatting Word text

Your users probably have a few favorite keyboard shortcuts for formatting text--such as Ctrl + B for applying boldface, Ctrl + I for applying italics, Ctrl + U for underlining, and maybe Ctrl + L to left-align text.
But Word provides buttons for those tasks on the Formatting toolbar, so any efficiency gains are kind of a toss-up.
The real convenience lies in knowing some more obscure keyboard shortcuts--ones that have no default button equivalents and that can save users from having to scrounge around dialog boxes looking for the appropriate options. Here are some shortcuts that are especially good for users to have under their belt.

The shortcuts

Keystroke Function
Ctrl + Shift + D Double underline the selected text
Ctrl + ] Increase the size of selected text by 1 point
Ctrl + [ Decrease the size of selected text by 1 point
Ctrl + Shift + A Make selected text all caps
Ctrl + = Toggle subscripting for selected text
Ctrl + + Toggle superscripting for selected text
Ctrl + Shift + Q Apply Symbol font to selected text
Ctrl + Shift + N Apply Normal style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 1 Apply Heading 1 style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Apply Heading 2 style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Apply Heading 3 style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + L Apply List Bullet style
Ctrl + 0 (zero) Apply or remove space above current paragraph

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

Once a king called upon all of his wise men and asked them, ” Is there a mantra or suggestion which works in every situation, in every circumstances, in every place and in every time. In every joy, every sorrow, every defeat and every victory? One answer for all questions? Something which can help me when none of you is available to advise me? Tell me is there any mantra?”

All the wise men were puzzled by the King’s question. They thought and thought. After a lengthy discussion, an old man suggested something which appealled to all of them. They went to the king and gave him something written on paper, with a condition that the king was not to see it out of curiosity. Only in extreme danger, when the King finds himself alone and there seems to be no way, only then he can see it. The King put the papers under his Diamond ring.

Some time later, the neighbors attacked the Kingdom. King and his army fought bravely but lost the battle. The King had to flee on his horse. The enemies were following him. getting closer and closer. Suddenly the King found himself standing at the end of the road - that road was not going anywhere. Underneath there was a rocky valley thousand feet deep. If he jumped into it, he would be finished…and he could not return because it was a small road…the sound of enemy’s horses was approaching fast. The King became restless. There seemed to be no way.

Then suddenly he saw the Diamond in his ring shining in the sun, and he remembered the message hidden in the ring. He opened the diamond and read the message. The message was - ” THIS TOO SHALL PASS”

The King read it . Again read it. Suddenly something struck him- Yes ! This too will pass. Only a few days ago, I was enjoying my kingdom. I was the mightiest of all the Kings. Yet today, the Kingdom and all his pleasure have gone. I am here trying to escape from enemies. Like those days of luxuries have gone, this day of danger too will pass. A calm came on his face. He kept standing there. The place where he was standing was full of natural beauty. He had never known that such a beautiful place was also a part of his Kingdom.

The revelation of the message had a great effect on him. He relaxed and forgot about those following him. After a few minutes he realized that the noise of the horses and the enemy coming was receding. They moved into some other part of the mountains and were near him.

The King was very brave. He reorganized his army and fought again. He defeated the enemy and regained his empire. When he returned to his empire after victory, he was received with much fanfare. The whole capital was rejoicing in the victory. Everyone was in afestive mood. Flowers were being showered on King from every house, from every corner. People were dancing and singing. For a moment King said to himself,” I am one of the bravest and greatest King. It is not easy to defeat me. With all the reception and celebration he saw an ego emerging in him.

Suddenly the Diamond of his ring flashed in the sunlight and reminded him of the message. He open it and read it again: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

He became silent. His face went through a total change -from the egoist he moved to a state of utter humbleness. If this too is going to pass, it is not yours. The defeat was not yours, the victory is not yours. You are just a watcher. Everything passes by. We are witnesses of all this. We are the perceivers. Life comes and goes. Happiness comes and goes. Sorrow comes and goes.

Now as you have read this story, just sit silently and evaluate your own life. This too will pass. Think of the moments of joy and victory in your life. Think of the moment of Sorrow and defeat. Are they permanent ? They all come and pass away.

Life just passes away. There is nothing permanent in this world. Every thing changes except the law of change. Think over it from your own perspective. You have seen all the changes. You have survived all setbacks, all defeats and all sorrows. All have passed away. The problems in the present, they too will pass away. Because nothing remains forever. Joy and sorrow are the two faces of the same coin. They both will pass away.

You are just a witness of change. Experience it, understand it, and enjoy the present moment - this too shall pass!

Ten Web Browsers that You May Have Never Heard of

The browser wars is starting to heat up again due to some exciting developments in the industry. Last year, Google joined the browser wars with its Google Chrome. Firefox continues to grow and improve. And lately, Apple’s Safari browser for the Mac just released a new version. But wait, these are not just the web browsers available for us to use. There are tons of web browsers actually, each with their own set of features. Here are ten of these other browsers which you may have not heard of before.

Avant Browser - A free web browser with user-friendly interface and multi-tab browsing. Among its key features are online profile storage, autofills, flash animation filters, built-in ad/Pop-up blocker, multi-window browsing, real full-screen mode, built-in search engine, full IE compatibility, and more.

iRider - An elegant multi-page web browser that allows you to browse the web faster with multi-page browsing capability. Specifically iRider lets you fly around a visual map of all the pages and site you’re working with, surf ahead while pages are downloading, select multiple links or favorites and click only once to open all of them, and other useful functionality.

Maxthon - a powerful tabbed browser with rich set of features that provides improved web surfing experience. This web browser’s key features include tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, smart browsing acceleration, magic fill, URL aliasing, anti-freeze, super drag&drop, and more.

Flock - A web browser built from Mozilla Firefox. Having most of Firefox’s useful features, Flock decide to specialize on the social aspect of web browsing. Hence, it’s the most appropriate web browser for bloggers and social networking addicts.

Konqueror - an Open Source web browser that complies with HTML 4.01, supports Java applets, JavaScript, CSS 1, CSS 2.1, and Netscape plugins such as Flash or RealVideo. It can also be used as a universal file viewer and manager.

Lunascape - The world’s first triple engine browser that supports IE for the Trident Platform, Firefox for Gecko and Chrome for WebKit. Among its key features include crash protection functionality, mouse gestures, tab browsing, RSS News and blog info, full customization with skins and more.

Runecats Explorer Zeox - A tabbed web browser with the following features; text size changer, mini-web, search drawer and more.

NeoPlanet - A lightweight web browser that lets you control your Internet experience by customizing content channels, select your interests through the Preference Center, powerful e-mail, download manager and quick search features. NeoPlanet is also highly customizable with skins.

Ultrabrowser - Offers a fully customized web browsing solution. It boasts of dual toolbar settings, multiple themes-skin support, integrated pop-up blocker, built-in Google search, multi-search functionality, password-protected web-based bookmark manager, and more.

Shiira - An alternative web browser for Mac users. Based on a Japanese browser, Shiira’s main features include private browsing, built-in search engine, tabbed browsing, customizable drawer that contains bookmarks, RSS reader, and supports PDF viewing.

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