Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to Eat Out and still Stay Healthy?

Whenever you are out and have forgotten to carry lunch or if you are a bachelor/bachelorette and do not have the time to cook, you will frequently find it difficult to find a wholesome healthy meal outside in the market. To top that, eating out everyday has its own perils.

Eating out is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge. Sticking to your guns away from home is hard for many reasons. Plus you never know what's in your food especially when the kitchen is behind closed doors. The way out of this dilemma is to know what to choose when eating out.

So you want your cake and want to eat it , well you can! Eat out and stay healthy, how you ask? It's easy, just follow these tips:

When Eating:

  • At market grocery store or at roadside vendors, GO FOR:
    • A banana (no fear of infection thanks to the natural packaging) with packed curd or bottled cold coffee.
    • Packet of roasted channa plus nariyal pani (Coconut water).
    • Packet fruit juice plus pop corn (for chubby friends, avoid butter).
    • Whole wheat biscuits plus a packed juice or a cold coffee.
  • At a Fast Food joint, GO FOR:
    • Whole wheat sandwiches plus ice tea.
    • Veggie salads with less cheese and cream OR non-veg salad with lot of greens.
    • Garlic bread plus a salad with very little mayonnaise or cheese.
  • At a Budget joint, GO FOR:
    • Upma plus chaach (Cultured Butter Milk).
    • Idli OR plain dosa plus mint chutney and light sambhar.
    • Whole wheat sandwich with lots of green veggies plus cold coffee.
    • Lassi (Sweet Butter Milk) plus dhokla OR khandvi.
    • Salad plus ice tea.
    • Whole wheat roti plus palak paneer (avoid all other green vegetables which have too much oil).
  • At a hotel, GO FOR
    • It is good to stick to light food without too much oil and cheese.
    • Potato salad OR fruit salad and rice noodles with lots of green vegetables.
    • Whole wheat pasta with a tomato base with lots of green vegetables.

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