Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yet Another Blast in India

Yet another blast in Indian commercial city

Today, in a very shocking incident terrorist attacked Indian commercial capital Mumbai. This terrorist attack totally took Mumbai hostage as terrorists attacked multiple places including Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Metro theatre, Central Railway station, Bombay Hospital etc. These attacks started around 10:05 PM. So far there are reports of nine terrorist attacks where terrorists opened fire on people and also reports of 8 blasts. There are also reports of death of 80 people in these attacks and more than 250 are injured. There is also report of death of 9 police men including one ACP and ATS chief Hemant Karkare. Police encounters are currently continuing at multiple places. There are total five explosions of hand grenades in Taj Hotel. There are also estimates that total numbers of terrorists were 10-12. Terrorists used hand grenades and AK47 for carrying out these attacks. Police has killed two terrorists and captured 7 terrorists alive. Terrorists were wearing army/police like uniform. Terrorists also have control of police jeeps. Police has also defused three bombs from three different places. There are also unconfirmed reports that terrorists have made hostage few US and UK citizens. Terrorists look to be in total control of two major hotels of Mumbai Taj and Oberoi. New terrorist organisation Deccan Mujahidin has taken responsibility of this attack. Central government has rushed 200 NSG commandos, Navy commandos and one army battalion to Mumbai. These are worst kind of attacks in Indian history which were earlier unknown to India. These attacks put question mark on the preparedness of Indian security forces and failure of our governments. Government has asked people to stay inside their homes because there could be some terrorists free on road.

Today, it looks that terrorists have took control of Indian commercial capital Mumbai. Terrorists have control of major hotels like Taj and Oberoi and moving here and there in police jeeps firing on people. So far there are reports of 80 people killed in these attacks and 250 people being injured. There are estimates that numbers of these terrorists could be more than 10. 7 police men including one ASP has also died in these blasts. There is no news about these terrorists and their group so far.

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