Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Bomb Blast in Delhi

September 27th, Indian capital Delhi saw another blast in Mehrauli area of Delhi. This blast has taken place at 2:15 PM near flower mandi in Mehrauli. Blast was so powerful that people heard its voice 1 KM away from this place. So far, 2 people have died in this blast and more than dozen people injured in this incidence. Few children have also got injured in this blast. This blast was of same power as earlier bomb blasts in Delhi few days back.

Bomb Blast was also powerful enough to break glasses of nearby shops and houses. This bomb was planted by two young men on black pulsar motorbike who through a plastic pack on the spot and ran away. Bomb was placed inside a Tiffin box. People in the area are very angry over this incidence and lack of after support to them. This blast has again put question mark over Delhi police’s claim of catching all terrorists.

As per media reports, Terrorists have already given warning of conducting this blast yesterday. Delhi police has issued warning to people to remain alert and not touch any suspicious item.

Indian Mujahideen as serious threat

Many people in India didn’t think Indian Mujahideen as serious threat when they first took the responsibility of serial bomb blasts in Jaipur and UP. However, by taking responsibility of recent bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and New Delhi, Indian mujahideen has shown to India that it is a real new threat for its security.

Indian security agencies believe that Indian Mujahideen is not a new terrorist outfit but combination of old terrorist outfits with new names. It is also believed that terrorists of Bangladeshi origin have great role in this outfit. The major worrying sign about this outfit is that they look to be very strong in IT and planning skills.

So far Indian security agencies have remained total failure in getting any know about of these terrorists. Though, Gujarat police is claiming some breakthrough in Ahmedabad blast case but recent attacks in Delhi say something else. In recent times, terrorism has again emerged as big threat for India and India needs to face with threat with lot of preparation.

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